"Do it scared. Do it knowing that you won't know everything. Do it even though you don't feel ready. Do it without perfection. Whatever you do, take the leap and go for it."

— @habitextensionmethod


THE stylist: Ashley Callen-Pigg

Salon Whairhouse


It has tripled my extension income. I'm primarily just doing extensions behind the chair & loving it !!

My clients are in love with it !! No more slippage but on the corners or sloppy grow out !!

"I liked how your mentor gives you feedback and makes you keep redoing and practicing each step.It's nice how you can re watch every video."

- Brianna Wallen


THE stylist: Christine K Gehrt

Aspire Salon and Spa


My confidence (has improved) in doing handtieds! I have built a great following & continuing!

My clients love that we do offer that option!

"I really enjoyed every single bit of my online certification! I was able to learn everything very well especially with learning online. Allison was an amazing mentor and I really learned a lot from her! Overall I had a great experience!"

- Erika C


THE stylist: Patty Devlin

Avenue Fifty Salon and Spa


Getting certified, changed everything. Literally everything. The way I do hair, the way I look at hair, and what part of the industry I really want to be in. After doing hair for 18 years this made me realize what I want to be doing going foward and what I want my dream clientele to look like.

my clients responded so well to offering extensions. If they don't have them already they're saving for them!.

"I loved this course! I have learned so much and I love that we were able to get certified through our phones! I wouldn't change anything about this course!"

- Kate M

Learning the Habit Extension Method:
"It has tripled my extension income."

- Ashley Callen-Pigg



"I really enjoyed the online class.
I was able to do it at my own pace with my lifestyle at the time. Between working full time and having two kids back to back I was great full for the online."

Habit Extension Certified


"I appreciate how detailed and organized everything was,"

Habit Extension Certified


"Excellent mentor. Plenty of time to finish. love this method and use it more than any other installation method that I know!"

Habit Extension Certified


"Loved that I was able to go back and watch videos. Very satisfied that I was able to chat with my instructor when I needed it."

Habit Extension Certified


"I loved the course because evrything was super clear! a lot of information and super high quality videos"

Habit Extension Certified


"It's was a great program, everything was explained so well. Looking forward to my future with extension certification."

Habit Extension Certified


"I loved that we had a mentor we could ask questions too and have feedback over al it was an awesome course and I'm glad to be apart of it !"

Habit Extension Certified


"I loved everything about the online certification!! I loved how I could complete it at home on my own time, and that I'll be able to look back and refer to previous videos if I forget a few things."

Habit Extension Certified


"My favorite thing about the course was that I can complete it on my time. Especially right here around the holidays I didn’t feel rushed. "

Habit Extension Certified


"I loved the online certification! the videos were very helpful and having a mentor that you could always ask questions helped a lot with clarifying and support!"

Habit Extension Certified


"I thought it was very easy to follow along and love the mentor aspect so I'm not left out on my own."

Habit Extension Certified


"Truly blown away! I was nervous about online but the mentors were amazing and instructions were clear! I'm so thankful for the time you all took to share about pricing"

Habit Extension Certified


"I had an amazing experience! I fell really behind and the instructors were so understanding as I just graduated cosmetology school. I'm so fortunate to have learned from haircation and for them to have such patience with me. So awesome! Can't thank you guys enough. "

Habit Extension Certified


"I loved the class. I didn't feel like just anyone would be able to breeze through and pass, which I thought was a good thing. My mentor was there to correct me when I wasn't doing things correctly and then help me when I was struggling."

Habit Extension Certified


" I found the course super easy to follow along with and my mentor is the absolute best constantly offering help."

Habit Extension Certified


"I loved the extension course and being about to watch and rewatch videos to sharpen my skills with the Habit Method. My mentor Alicia Webster was amazing and always gave great feedback so I could learn and pay better attend to certain areas."

Habit Extension Certified


"I really enjoyed the pace of the instructional videos, with the repetitive movements I was able to get the hang of placement and overall experience of working with the installation method."

Habit Extension Certified


"I really enjoyed the class and felt like the videos were very easy to learn from. Mentor was great!

Habit Extension Certified


"The class was awesome! Alicia was so helpful and answered all of my questions. I only had to watch each video once. Alicia was great she answered all of my questions. Zoom was easy to access and I loved all of the class. There is nothing that I would change"

Habit Extension Certified


"I absolutely loved it! Everything was very informative and a few videos took me more than one time watching to get the hang of it, but those were the more meticulous sewing,etc… I felt like the instructors were very knowledgeable and I really enjoyed taking this course."

Habit Extension Certified


"I really enjoyed the course, I thought the videos where very detailed and easy to follow. My mentor was great and so helpful always. Everything exceeded my expectations."

Habit Extension Certified


This course by far exceeded my expectations. The videos were very thorough and I only had to rewatch some parts of the install and move up ones. My mentor was so sweet and encouraging which made the whole experience that much better. The online course far exceeds an in class certification since you can work at your own pace and not feel intimidated. I've recommended this course to many people and I am so glad I invested in it!!

Habit Extension Certified

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